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Know the Automobile Starter

Brief introduction of automobile starter

As we all know, the starting of the engine needs the support of external force, and the automobile starter is playing this role. Generally speaking, the automobile starter uses three parts to realize the whole starting process. The DC motor introduces the current from the battery and makes the driving gear of the starter move mechanically; The transmission mechanism engages the driving gear into the flywheel gear ring and can automatically disengage after the engine is started; The on-off of the starter motor in automobile circuit is controlled by an electromagnetic switch.

Among them, the motor is the main part of the starter.

Working principle of automobile starter

Its working principle is the energy conversion process based on Ampere's law, that is, the force acting on the electrified conductor in the magnetic field. The motor includes necessary armature, commutator, magnetic pole, brush, bearing and shell.

Before the engine can run under its own power, it must be rotated by external force. The process that the engine transits from a static state to self-running with the help of external force is called engine starting. There are three common starting methods for engines: manual starting, auxiliary gasoline engine starting and electric starting. The manual starting method is simple but inconvenient, and the labor intensity is high. It is only suitable for some low-power engines, and it is only reserved as a backup method in some cars. Auxiliary gasoline engine starting is mainly used in high-power diesel engines; Electric starting mode is widely used in modern cars because of its simple operation, rapid starting, repeated starting ability, and remote control.

System composition of automobile starter

The starting system converts the electric energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy. To realize this conversion, the automobile starter must be used. The function of starter motor in automobile is to generate power by DC motor, and drive the engine crankshaft to rotate through transmission mechanism, so as to realize engine starting. The starting system includes the following components: battery, ignition switch (starting switch), starter assembly, starting relay, etc.