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Warranty Policy of Bohua Automotive Parts And Accessories

Warranty Policy

  • We will answer all your questions before you buy it, Whatever, we will try to remove all your doubts. Such as, confirm the model, quantity, price, payment method, packaging, brand, etc. One by one before shipment. Then, you will be informed of the logistics method and delivery cycle used.

  • All of our products are manufactured under strict quality control, perfect inspection system and 100% test, which ensure our products have high performance. Basically, we have at least 1 year quality guarantee for our engine parts and chassis parts, but only three to six months for electric products. Because the electric products are easily affected by weather, unprofessional installment, use, wet, etc.

After-sale Service

  • After delivery, we will inform you of the logistics order number, or bill of lading, so that you can follow up the logistics status of the order. We can provide invoice and help you to clear the customs until you receive the goods.

  • We will test each part working well before shipment, we promise 1-year guarantee; Any quality problems, please let us know, we will give you resend. It is better if you give us relevant test data or picture evidence to help us find the reason quickly.

  • None customer worry about any after-sales problems, we promise customers first, quality first. Because of we have been like this for many years, and got highly praised by our customers. All you have to do is to increase the intensity of cooperation with us, Let's create a win-win situation together.

After-sale Service of Bohua Automotive Parts And Accessories

Research & Development

Auto Accessories Automatic Winding Machine
Automatic Winding Machine

The automatic brand winding machine, automatic paint off, automatic wire cutting precision, stability, accurately adjust the winding speed. the efficiency is significantly improved. 1/10000 defective rate to ensure product consistency. The product failure rate is greatly reduced in terms of quality.

Auto Car Accessories Automatic Assembly Manipulator
Automatic Assembly Manipulator

The automatic assembly manipulator,high precision, high efficiency, high safety, high consistency assembly, to ensure product consistency. Reduce the rate of defective products, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and improve labor productivity.

Auto Parts Automatic Vacuum Potting Machine
Automatic Vacuum Potting Machine

Automatic vacuum potting machine, vacuum casting system precise control of product-sealing and filling precision. That controls the fluid and drips, coats and seals the liquid on the product surface or inside the product.

Auto Parts Accessories Endurance Test Machine
Endurance Test Machine

The endurance test machine, carry out structural analysis, fatigue life prediction and improvement design for products. To check the correctness of fatigue life prediction and ensure that the product has the required working life and reliability.                                                                            

Auto Parts And Accessories Salt Spary Tester
Salt Spary Tester

The salt spray tester used to test the corrosion resistance of samples, and also to simulate the extreme conditions under natural conditions or working conditions, so as to understand the performance and temperature of each sample.

Auto Parts Car Accessories Vibration Tester
Vibration Tester

The vibration tester is used to detect the impact and vibration of products during transportation, use and storage, which will cause adverse changes in products for a certain period of time and seriously affect the use of products. It can let us know the vibration resistance life of products or parts in products in advance.

Automobile Car Parts Thermal Shock Chamber
Thermal Shock Chamber

The thermal shock chamber is used for temperature impact test. Test the degree of tolerance under the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in a short time to confirm the product quality due to the chemical change or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.