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OEM 28100-0M110 Vehicle Starter Motor for Toyota

The 28100 0m110 car starter is used to supply the engine crankshaft rotation torque, so that the engine can reach the necessary starting speed, so that the engine can enter the self-running state. When the engine enters the free running state, it will stop working immediately after the task is completed.

What is a starter Motor?

The starter motor, also known as a cranking motor or simply starter, is a robust, high-torque motor employed to initiate vehicle engines. It is a vital component in vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, which necessitate an external force to commence the combustion process. The starter motor fulfills this role efficiently. This motor forms a key part of the starting system in conjunction with other components like the ignition switch, starter relay, neutral safety switch or clutch switch, flywheel ring gear, and the battery. These elements are interconnected through wires and electrical components to create the starting circuits.

Comprising primarily metal components, the starter motor consists of an electric motor, a drive mechanism to transmit motion to the engine, and a solenoid that serves as both a switch and an actuator. Often, a gear reduction mechanism is incorporated into the starter motor assembly to enhance torque. In automobiles, the starter motor is typically mounted on the engine or transmission, positioned strategically for easy engagement with the ring gear on the flywheel.

How a Starter Motor Works?

Activation: When you turn the ignition key or press the start button, electrical power from the battery is directed to the starter motor.

Engagement: The starter motor has a small gear (pinion gear) that engages with a larger gear on the engine’s flywheel.

Cranking: The electric current powers the starter motor, which turns the engine’s crankshaft. This action moves the pistons, sucks in air (and fuel), and compresses the air-fuel mixture in preparation for ignition.

Ignition: Once the engine starts and runs on its own, the ignition key or button is released, cutting power to the starter motor. The starter motor’s gear disengages from the flywheel, stopping the starter motor from spinning.

Key components involved include the battery, ignition switch, starter solenoid (relay), starter motor, and the engine’s flywheel. The starter motor is a critical component for starting the engine, converting electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to turn the engine’s crankshaft.

Advantages of High Quality Auto Parts Electric Car Engine Starter Motor 28100-0M110

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    Excellent materials, advanced production and testing equipment to ensure product quality.

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We are Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Parts & Accessories