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OEM 22440-VJ202 China Spark Plug Wire

The OEM 22440-VJ202 China spark plug wire is a high-quality spark plug wire manufactured in China. It is specifically designed for use in engine ignition systems to transmit electrical current from the ignition coil to the spark plugs.

Specifications of Spark Plug Wire Cable 22440-VJ202

Item Name

Ignition Cable



Car Fitment



OEM Standard Size


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100% Professional Test




Plastic/Metal/Rubber/Silicone cable


Sample test is accepted


Original packing/Neutral packing, Customized packing is also supported


12 Months

Payment term

Western Union; T/T30% deposit and pay the balance after the goods are all Ready

Shipping Term

DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT/By Sea/By air

Delivery time

1~ 3 working days for the goods we have in stock, 7~ 15 working days for the goods need to be manufactured depends on quantity of your goods.

What makes up a China spark plug wire?

A spark plug wire, also known as an ignition wire, is made up of several key components:

1. Core: The core is typically made of a conductive material, which can be copper, stainless steel, or a carbon-impregnated fiber. This core is responsible for carrying the high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plug.

2. Insulation: Surrounding the core is a layer of insulation, usually made of materials like silicone, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), or a combination of both. This insulation is crucial to prevent voltage leakage and ensure that the high voltage reaches the spark plug.

3. Conductive Layer: Some spark plug wires have an additional conductive layer or winding to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression, reducing the risk of radio interference.

4. Outer Jacket: The outermost layer is the jacket, which is made of durable materials like silicone or a similar rubber compound. This layer protects the wire from heat, chemicals, moisture, and physical abrasion.

5. Boots: At each end of the spark plug wire, there are boots made of high-temperature resistant materials, usually silicone or similar compounds. These boots insulate and protect the connection points at the spark plug and the ignition coil or distributor.

6. Terminals: Inside the boots are metal terminals that connect to the spark plug and the ignition coil/distributor. These terminals ensure a secure and efficient electrical connection.

Advantages of Spark Plug Wire Cable 22440-VJ202

  • 1.

    ISO/TS16949 quality system certified.

  • 2.

    Good material & advanced technology & strict quality control ensure high quality; high quality makes sure for long usage life.

  • 3.

    Quick delivery and competitive price.

  • 4.

    Various types and different car models. A large and complete range, of European cars, American cars, Korean cars and Japanese cars.

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We are Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Parts & Accessories