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How to Change the Fuel Filter?

1. Preparation for replacing fuel filter

(1) Open the left front door and put on the steering wheel cover, gear lever handle cover and seat cover.

(2) Open the left front door, pull the handle of the engine cover, open the safety hook of the engine cover, lift the engine cover, fix the engine cover with struts, and then stick the fender pads on the left and right sides on the fender.

2. Precautions for replacing fuel filter

(1) It is generally recommended to replace the fuel filter every 15000~20000km.

(2) When replacing the auto fuel filter or maintaining the gasoline system, smoking and naked flame are strictly prohibited.

(3) If it is necessary to use lighting during the maintenance operation, it is necessary to ensure that the lighting used meets occupational safety standards.

(4) Replacing the fuel filter must be carried out when the engine is cold because the high-temperature exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust pipe when the engine is warm can ignite the fuel.

(5) Before replacing the fuel filter, the pressure in the fuel system should be released according to the operating procedures specified by the automobile manufacturer.

(6) Do not use inferior fuel filters. Inferior fuel filters often lead to poor fuel supply, insufficient power and even flameout of the car. Because impurities are not filtered, the oil circuit and fuel injection system will be corroded and damaged after a long time.

3. Steps to replace the fuel filter

(1) Make preparations before replacement. First, prepare the fuel filter suitable for the original vehicle model, followed by the tools to be used. Usually, the tools to be used include: oil cup, sealing red glue, tubing clamp, pliers, screwdriver, etc. Be careful not to wear chemical fiber clothes to prevent electrostatic discharge sparks.

(2) Because there is pressure in the fuel system, in order to avoid fuel injection or fire accident when removing the fuel filter, release the pressure in the fuel system before disconnecting the fuel pipeline.

(3) After locating the fuel filter, pull the fuel filter off the mounting bracket. Put the oil receiving cup under the oil pipe, and remove the original disposable pipe hoop on both sides with pliers.

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