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OEM 04371-0K120 U Joint Car Part for Toyota

Universal joint is to realize shaft power output in different directions by using devices such as ball type. It is installed between the front axle half axle and the wheel which is responsible for driving and steering.

Specifications of Auto Parts Universal Joint 04371-0K120

Item NameUniversal Joint
OE NO.04371-0K120
Car FitmentToyota
SizeOEM Standard Size
PriceFor latest price please feel free to contact us
Quality100% Professional Test
MOQSample test is accepted
PackingOriginal packing/Neutral packing, Customized packing is also supported
Warranty12 Months
Payment termWestern Union; T/T30% deposit and pay the balance after the goods are all Ready
Shipping TermDHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT/By Sea/By air
Delivery time1~ 3 working days for the goods we have in stock, 7~ 15 working days for the goods need to be manufactured depends on quantity of your goods.

What is a Control Arm on a Car?

A control arm in a car is a crucial component of the suspension system that connects the chassis or frame of the vehicle to the wheel hub or spindle. It allows for the wheel to move up and down while keeping it in alignment with the body of the car. Control arms are typically found in the front suspension of most cars and trucks, though they can also be part of the rear suspension in some vehicles.

Control arms are usually made of steel or aluminum and can be either stamped or cast. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the vehicle’s design and the specific requirements of the suspension system. The ends of a control arm are connected by joints: one end is typically attached to the vehicle’s frame with bushings, and the other end connects to the suspension components (like the steering knuckle, wheel hub, or axle) via a ball joint. This configuration allows the control arm to pivot and move up and down as the vehicle travels over uneven surfaces, providing a smoother ride and maintaining proper wheel alignment.

Advantages of Auto Parts Universal Joint 04371-0K120

  • 1.

    Bearing steel material, low noise, high precision, fast speed.

  • 2.

    Stable performance, repeated factory verification, smooth surface, no burr, low friction coefficient.

  • 3.

    Complete models, it can be customized from stock, drawings and samples, and can provide installation guidance services.

  • 4.

    Quality determines life, the hardness and wear resistance of the bearing are relatively balanced, with wear resistance.

  • 5.

    Excellent quality, close to the people's price. long service life, care for your car. 

What does a Control Arm do?

A control arm is a key part of your car's suspension system. It acts like a strong arm with two main jobs:

Connects the wheels to the frame:  One end of the control arm attaches to the wheel assembly (where the tire is) and the other end connects to the car's frame or body structure. This allows the wheels to move up and down as you drive over bumps and uneven roads.

Maintains wheel alignment:  The control arm also helps control the position and movement of the wheels. This is crucial for maintaining proper wheel alignment, which ensures your car tracks straight and handles predictably.

There are typically upper and lower control arms for each wheel, working together to provide stability and control.  They  allow the wheels to move freely while keeping them aligned with the road.

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We are Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Parts & Accessories