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Top-Quality Automotive Components from Bohua

Top-Quality Automotive Components from Bohua

Bohua auto parts are a true OE match in terms of design, materials, operation, fit and durability. All of the parts come with a quality guarantee, this is our way of confirming our commitment to our customers so that can sell the brand with absolute confidence.

Bohua Car Components Wholesale List

Why Choose Bohua Automobile Spare Parts?


We provides customized products and OEM services, use reliable good quality raw material. Due to our high accuracy of auto parts, competitive prices, professional production line and fast shipping capabilities, to provide customers with more profit margins and greater competitiveness.


High quality and stability: our products are manufactured under strict quality control, perfect inspection system and 100% test, which ensure our products have high performance. All of the parts come with a quality guarantee with one year warranty.


Professional auto parts supplier, 16 years of experience in auto parts technology. We have built up good partnership with many dealers in many countries, focus on professionalism worthy of your trust.

Bohua Auto Spare Parts FAQ


What are your main automotive parts & accessories?


Ignition coil, ignition cable, engine mount, filters, fuel pump, timing belt, starter, stabilizer link, control arm, bushing, steering gear box, etc.


When should you buy oem automotive parts & accessories?


When fixing collisions, only use OEM manufacturer components. When your vehicle, truck, or SUV has damaged body panels as a result of an accident, non-OEM automotive repair supplies might not fit snugly. Additionally, installing an aftermarket component might violate the warranty on your leased car. Therefore, in repairing a lease car, always use OEM components.


What are 4 major categories of automotive parts and systems?

  • The Chassis.

  • The Engine.

  • The Transmission System.

  • The Body.


What are the 7 main parts of an automobile engine?

Basic parts of a car engine
  • Engine block.

  • Piston.

  • Engine Valves.

  • Oil Pan.

  • Combustion chamber.

  • Manifold.

  • Cylinder Head.

  • Crank Shaft.

We are Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Parts & Accessories
We are Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Parts & Accessories