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Toyota Auto Ignition System

Types of Toyota Auto Ignition System

Toyota vehicles have different ignition systems depending on the specific model and year. Here are some commonly used Toyota auto ignition systems:

  • Conventional ignition system: Earlier Toyota vehicles, especially older models, may feature a conventional ignition system. It consists of an ignition coil, distributor, points, condenser, and spark plugs.

  • Auto electric ignition system: Many Toyota vehicles have transitioned to automotive electronic ignition systems, also known as electronic spark advance (ESA) systems. The electronic spark ignition system utilize electronic components like an ignition control module, distributor, and coil to produce a more reliable and consistent spark.

  •  Distributorless ignition system (DIS): Toyota implemented the DIS system in some of its vehicles. It eliminates the need for a distributor by using separate ignition coils attached directly to the spark plugs. This system offers better control over ignition timing and reduces maintenance.

  • Coil-on-plug (COP) ignition system: Some Toyota models employ the COP ignition system. Similar to DIS, it features individual ignition coils for each spark plug. However, COP combines the ignition coil and spark plug into a single unit.

  •  Direct ignition system (DIS): Toyota vehicles also utilize DIS, which eliminates the distributor and spark plug wires. It uses individual ignition coils per cylinder, directly connected to the spark plugs.

  • Smart ignition system: Modern Toyota vehicles may incorporate smart ignition systems, featuring keyless entry and push-button start/stop functions. These systems use a key fob or proximity sensor to detect the key's presence and enable starting the vehicle with the push of a button.

  • Capacitive discharge ignition system (CDI): Some high-performance Toyota vehicles might utilize CDI systems. CDI systems store and discharge high-voltage current to the ignition coil using a capacitor, resulting in a stronger spark and faster charging time.

Working Principle of Ignition Coils

Generally speaking, when you try to start your engine, a number of different components, like spark plugs, ignition coils, spark plug wires, the distributor, and the ignition control module will have to work together to create a spark that starts the combustion process. Ignition coils are critical to the working of your vehicle ignition system, quickly converting the very low energy of a battery into the thousands of volts of energy required to produce ignition in your car. The ignition coil voltage output ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 volts. Without this ignition coil voltage output, you would be required to push your car in order to get it to ignite. 

When the key of the car is turned over, the high voltage of coil pack will create a spark that is supposed to ignite the fuel and air mixture in your engine. Once the spark is produced and delivered to the spark plugs, it ignites the compressed fuel and air mixture, resulting in a controlled combustion process. This combustion releases energy, converting it into mechanical power that drives the pistons and ultimately propels the vehicle forward.  

Replacing Car Ignition Coils 

A high-quality ignition coil can ensure the fuel efficiency and overall engine performance. Leaving a broken car ignition coil for long periods of time will usually lead to more damage being done to the wires and plugs. Therefore, it is advisable to promptly arrange for an ignition coil replacement at the first sign of a problem. The following are several warning signs that you will notice when it is time to get a new ignition coil: 

  • The car ignition not starting

  • The engine experiences frequent misfires

  • The Check Engine Light is on

Taking action to get the damaged ignition coil replaced will help to reduce the level of damage that is done to the other ignition components. As a professional automobile spare parts manufacturer in China, we offer you the best solution to high-quality engine performance. You can invest our premium quality ignition coils to ensure quick ignition.

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We are Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Parts & Accessories